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Comprehensive Mental Health Services in Clifton, NJ 


Welcome to Adult Family Health Services. We are a strengths-based, readily accessible behavioral health agency dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals navigating mental health and/or substance abuse challenges in Clifton, NJ. Our mission is to provide compassionate care to help you live your best life, free from the burden of behavioral health obstacles.

We’re Here to Help You Claim and Enhance Your Quality of Life

Are you ready to take control of your behavioral health? At Adult Family Health Services, we offer a range of programs and therapies designed to meet your unique needs. Finding the right path to recovery can be challenging, but with us, you never have to go it alone.


Mental Health Issues, and Substance Use issues can interfere with quality of life.  Thinking about a change, preparing for change, and executing a change, can be overwhelming and even isolating.  At Adult Family Health Services, we will partner with you to help you gain clarity and momentum.  We go beyond a  standard approach to care, and engage you at your stage of readiness.  Mixed feelings about change are common but not always addressed.  We provide support right away,  from your initial call and continuing throughout treatment.  Support and care is readily accessible without red-tape or jumping through hoops. Working together, we can help you claim and enhance your quality of life. 

Personalized Care for Sustainable Wellness

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to mental health services or substance use treatment. At AFHS, we empower you through a range of mental health services, therapies, and substance abuse treatments which are tailored to meet unique needs, and which are  sensitive to your unique situation.  

Outpatient Mental Health Services 

Outpatient mental health services provides you with support in managing current stressors, or past trauma which is getting in your way.  We provide an individualized approach to help you achieve goals in the areas of school, work, parenting, and relationships.  Care is personable and provided in person and through telehealth.  Services include;

  • Individual psychotherapy 2-4 times per month

  • Psychiatric Evaluation

  • Medication Management

Mental Health Partial Care Program

Mental Health Partial Care provides a nurturing environment and therapeutic milieu to promote the successful transition  from inpatient to outpatient care and also to prevent the need for inpatient care. We help you to stay in the community as you develop strategies to manage disruptive symptoms which are getting in the way of you full-filling desired roles, and in identifying and achieving meaningful life goals. Attendance is 3 to five days per week for five hours each day and includes:

  • Transportation to and from program 

  • Meals

  • Medication management

  • Individual support

  • Group therapy 

  • Psychiatric Evaluation

  • Medication Management

Intensive Outpatient Substance Use Treatment Program

The Substance Use Intensive Outpatient program is  designed for those who are thinking about and beginning to change their pattern of use with alcohol, marijuana and/or other substances including opioids.  The program guides a transformative journey towards recovery.  Health and overall wellness are a focus.   Services are holistic and recovery driven, and include the following:


  • Evening program hours: M, W & TH 5:30-8:30pm

  • Individual and group therapy 

  • Full co-occurring services so that you can attend to substance use & mental health issues at the same time.

  • Psychiatric Evaluation

  • Medication Management

  • Medication-assisted recovery (Vivitrol, Suboxone) 

  • Collaboration with Drug Court, DCPP or IDRC as needed.

Outpatient Substance Use Treatment Program

Our Outpatient Substance Use Program is the foundation of sustainable healing. We understand recovery is not a destination but a continued path that requires compassion, tools, and support. That's where AFHS comes in, with services including: 

  • Continued support to sustain strides achieved in IOP/gradual transition from intensive programs 

  • Individual and group therapy

  • Co-Occurring mental health support

  • Psychiatric Evaluation

  • Medication Management

  • Medication-assisted recovery 

  • Collaboration with Drug Court, DCPP or IDRC as needed

Empowering Your Recovery 

AFHS maximizes the value of mental health services and substance abuse treatment by fostering a sense of community, belonging, and connection. With unwavering support, we walk alongside you as you navigate your unique behavioral health challenges, and celebrate achievement of your treatment milestones. We are a beacon of hope and guidance, led by professionals who understand and validate your challenges and experiences. 

Hope for Recovery

With the right interventions, continued support, and uninterrupted access to mental health services, mental illnesses can be effectively managed, and individuals can free to identify and pursue life goals. Whether it be depression, anxiety, bipolar, schizoffective, schizophrenia, substance use disorders, other mental health conditions, or a combination of mental health conditions,   we are here to  help.  Treatment paves the way for recovery  success.  We have a team of experienced professionals who adopt a  multidisciplinary approach.  Together we will develop a treatment plan that, considers your uniqueness and  aligns with your recovery objectives. 

A Focus on Accessibility 

We are invested in making services accessible.  We recognize that it can be hard to ask for services, and we are diligent to avoid any waiting lists for services.  We also serve individuals from our immediate geographic area and beyond, encompassing, but not limited to Clifton, Paterson, Passaic, Newark, Bloomfield, Belleville, Wayne, Haledon, Fairlawn.  You can reach us by phone, or through our website.  A request for services will initiate a consultation with a licensed professional, and triage to services to meet your needs.   

Patient Portal Access for New & Existing Patients 

With Adult Family Health Services, compassionate care is always available when you need it most. We encourage new and existing patients to sign into their patient portal. This online resource enables you to effectively manage your mental healthcare needs from the comfort of your home, job, or anywhere else.  You may utilize the portal to schedule appointments, communicate with members of the team and/or to request your medical record. 



Learn More About Mental Health & Substance Abuse Treatment

Maybe you are considering mental health treatment or substance use treatment for yourself, or someone you care about.  Feel free to outreach to us regarding any questions about services, and/or regarding how to take the first step for yourself or someone you care about.  To learn more about our initiatives and programs, contact our team today.

AFHS Patient Portal

Click below to access AFHS Patient Portal for new and existing patient registrations. Clinic ID: "AFHS"

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