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Mental Health Partial Care in Clifton, NJ Serving Area Towns


Adult Family Health Services’ mental health partial care program is a dedicated initiative crafted to foster a nurturing and purposeful community existence. It caters to individuals who have had contact with emergency rooms, inpatient treatment, or institutionalization and are returning to the community and outpatient care.  

Understanding Partial Care Mental Health Services

Partial care is outpatient day treatment designed to avert inpatient hospitalization and/or to facilitate successful community living after hospitalization.  The program offers consistent structure and support to navigate challenges such as stigma, isolation, disruptive symptoms, and life stressors.  Program is offered Monday through Friday, and includes, door to door transportation in a broad catchment area, group work, individual support, meals, psychiatric oversight and medication management.  


Mental Health Partial Care Benefits 

Partial Care services provide support needed for individuals who are at risk for hospitalization, homelessness and isolation related to the severity and/or enduring nature of disruptive symptoms.  Partial Care engagement helps individuals to live productive and meaningful lives in the community.  Partial Care services can also be helpful to caregivers, providing daytime respite from caring for a loved one who is having serious symptoms.  

Self Medication of Mental Health Symptoms With Drugs and Alcohol

It is understood that those with difficult to manage mental health symptoms, are at high risk for alcohol and substance use.   We do not exclude those with substance use struggles from care, but instead provide a daily group especially designated to assist those with mental health conditions and co-occurring substance use disorders.  

Individualized & Group Support 

Mental health partial care opens the door to a community of support and encouragement. Our experienced team provides individual and group support, tailoring our approach to meet the unique needs of each participant. By combining personalized attention and facilitation of group dynamics, we strive to create an environment conducive to healing and growth. 

Medication Management 

For most, partial care participation is coupled with medication management to support maximum functioning and recovery.  Each individual is different, and our prescriber will work with you to develop  a plan that incorporates your preferences. Taking medication is not required, but may be recommended as a tool to help you achieve your recovery goals.  

Case Management Services 

Our dedicated case managers play a pivotal role in coordinating and overseeing the care of each individual. Your case manager will work alongside you, your loved ones, and other service providers to develop a care plan that addresses your unique needs, strengths, and circumstances.   

Co-Occurring Group for Substance Abuse Challenges 

For individuals facing substance abuse challenges, our partial care programs incorporate a daily, co-occurring group as an integral component of our mental health services. This specialized group aims to address the intersection of substance abuse and subsequent mental health conditions. This transformative resource provides access to like-minded individuals, empathetic support, and recovery strategies. 

Door-to-Door Transportation 

Transportation is often a hurdle for those with significant mental health challenges. To ensure you do not sacrifice your recovery due to accessibility concerns, AFHS provides door-to-door transportation. Our transportation runs from locations throughout Newark, Clifton, Passaic, Paterson, and other outlying areas.  

Structured Program Schedule 

Mental health partial care is a structured outpatient program that operates Monday through Friday from 8:15 a.m. until 2:40 p.m. This approach to rehabilitation provides a consistent routine that fosters a sense of stability, predictability, and belonging, essential elements that support sustainable recovery.

Nutritional Support 

At AFHS, we are committed to empowering all facets of a healthy lifestyle. As food is fuel, we offer breakfast and lunch as part of our mental health partial care programs. Nutritious meals are provided to support your overall well-being, ensuring you receive the sustenance necessary to support your mental and physical health throughout your recovery journey. 

An Enriching Environment Conducive to Healing & Growth 

We are dedicated to creating a supportive and enriching environment conducive to healing and growth. Our initiatives focus on improved mental health and coping skills and a more involved and fulfilling community life. We're here to empower you with personalized guidance and celebrate alongside you throughout every stage of recovery. 

Learn More About Mental Health Partial Care Programs in NJ

If you or a loved one is seeking affordable, intensive treatment that allows you to remain living at home without compromising on quality of care, Adult Family Health Services welcomes you. To learn more about our mental health partial care programs, contact us to schedule a consultation today. 

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