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The Importance of Asking for Help When Things Are Not OK

Updated: Mar 12

It’s ok to not be ok. This is a phrase used often within mental health advocacy, but it rings true everywhere. And we’ve certainly seen a positive shift towards recognizing mental health disorders as less of a “taboo” subject. However, it may be a bit confusing to learn that while people claim to be ok, they’re actually not.

A recent study, which has a lot of us puzzled, revealed that 64% of individuals feel their mood has been stable since January. Nearly half of those individuals also reported that the pandemic had not changed their habits, with almost 30% reporting that the pandemic had changed them for the better.

While that may be true, what has us scratching our heads is the fact that 28% of people said their mental health was either fair or poor, 18% said they were drinking more, and 17% were smoking more. This bodes the question – are people using these means to make them feel happier? Shouldn’t they be asking for help?

Our answer to that is a very bold “YES.” While it may seem convenient to smoke/drink away your sorrows or eat your feelings, it’s not actually doing you any good. Think of it from the perspective of a toddler asking for a bandaid on every bump or bruise they get – most of the time, it’s just there for temporary protection and it makes them feel better just knowing it’s there. That bandaid brings immediate comfort, but underneath, that boo-boo has its own healing to do, so the bandaid is kind of just a temporary fix.

That’s why it is so important to reach out and ask for help if you are struggling with mental health, an eating disorder, or substance abuse. Here at AFHSNJ, we’d love to help you rip off that bandaid and help you heal. We have intake coordinators ready to listen and provide program options, as well as a friends & family support group that we host every other week. We want you to know that it IS OK to not be ok, and it’s even more ok to ask for help. In fact, we encourage it! Click here to visit our website and learn more.

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