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How Getting Enough Sleep Can Help You Feel Hopeful?

Updated: Jun 5

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“Do I get enough sleep?” is a question you should be asking yourself if you are concerned about your mental health or overall wellbeing. Research has shown that a good night’s rest–typically, seven to nine hours–can help combat mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety, or even during addiction recovery. On the flipside, research also shows that sleep deprivation actually contributes to poor mental health. With that said it may be hard to feel hopeful if you’re not getting enough sleep. 

Hopefulness is defined as “believing that something you want will happen.” If staying present, and focusing on the here & now, or maintaining your sobriety is a priority for you, getting good sleep should be, too. By definition, it would be hard to believe those things are possible if sleep was hindering your ability to complete them. In fact, getting good rest aids in your ability to succeed at them. 

So, how can you work to ensure you’re getting good sleep? First, and most importantly, is consistency; you want to have a regular bedtime. It’s ok to modify as needed, but generally, you should be going to sleep at the same time every night. In order to make this possible, you want your bedroom to be your refuge for sleep. Adorn it with anything that makes sleep easier for you, whether it’s a salt lamp or a sound machine. Finally, make sure you cut out anything that may hinder your sleep well before your bedtime, including caffeine, and practice a pre-bedtime routine, such as exercise or meditation. 

If you are doing all of this and you’re still having issues getting good sleep at night, it may be time to reach out to a health professional. Whether it’s a mental health professional, your primary care physician, or both, they can help determine if any intervention is appropriate. As such, if you’re having feelings of hopelessness, your sleep may be the reason why and it’s ok to reach out for help; it’s encouraged! 

Forge a path towards better sleep and you’ll more than likely start to feel like anything you set your mind to is possible. 

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