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The Benefits of Support Groups: Finding Community in Recovery

Updated: Mar 12

When you are considering treatment options for a mental health or substance abuse disorder, you may come across a number of support groups where “a group of people with common experiences and concerns provide emotional and moral support for one another.” While divulging your issues or insecurities to complete strangers may seem intimidating, there is actually strength in numbers.

If you choose to give a support group or group therapy a try, you’ll find that there are many benefits associated with having a group of different individuals all working towards a similar goal to help you on your healing journey. These benefits can include comradery or a sense of belonging, along with motivation and accountability.

In these settings you’ll find that you truly are not alone, which can be empowering for both you and everyone else participating. It can feel like you have more of a voice and teach tough social skills such as active listening. You may also feel like you are a part of “something bigger” or “collective change.”

Furthermore, when you put individuals experiencing similar issues in the same room together, you’ll notice that they compliment each other in the giving and receiving of support. Others can encourage you to share your experiences and you can do the same in return for someone else. This can help you and your peers stay motivated and you can hold each other accountable.

At AFHS, we offer a spectrum of therapeutic groups, each of which have their own focus, goal, or shared experience. You can read more about these programs here. Always remember that we are here to help and it’s ok to not be ok!

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