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New Year Mental Health Resolutions To Last Throughout The Year

This time last year, we posted an article about New Year's resolutions and how they really only work unless you commit yourself to sustainable life changes. We provided all of the tips and tricks to maintain a lifestyle that promotes replacing bad habits with good ones. Now that you have those tools in your kit, this year we’re going to introduce some specific resolutions that focus on improving your mental health and remind you how to keep the positivity flowing.

To start, find yourself a therapist if you have not done so already. The first step towards a healing journey into a positive headspace is a support system, which should include a bias-free individual that can help you identify stressors and help you start to form healthier habits. This is also a great way to educate yourself on mental health by speaking to someone that understands mental illness in a way that does not perpetuate the negative stigma.

It may take some time to find the right fit for you, but don’t give up. Once you’ve found your person, you’ll know. Next, you can work to identify the stressors that impact your mental health as well as all of the things that bring you joy and lift you up. If you’ve already been working with a therapist, try to come up with some new challenges or stressors that have caused the most angst in the past year (there’s usually always something).

From there, practice keeping a positive mindset to hold yourself accountable for coping with those stressors. For example, if you’re feeling sad one particular day and you’re worried about your productivity when you feel sad, your mindset shift will go something like this: “Today I’m feeling sad, but I will stay productive by _____” (and insert the activity that keeps you going). The point is to counteract the negative with a positive so that you don’t allow the negative to consume you.

Finally, always remember self-care. It comes in many forms, which we’ve also written about in the past. But in all, as long as you’re taking care of yourself and your mental health, that’s all that matters. Stay committed, stay positive, and remember: AFHS is here to help. We have a full staff of professionals ready to help and tons of resources for both you and your loved ones who may be supporting you in your journey. Visit our website to learn more about our services and the programs we offer. We wish you nothing but peace this new year!

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